Thursday, October 14, 2010

Meet the Team

Matt Dick

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WNTI Public Radio

New Jersey Paranormal Investigation Team sat down with WNTI for our first radio interview. You can listen to the show through their website by clicking on this link

Hackettstown Historical Society, Hackettstown, NJ

Location: Hackettstown, NJ Historical Society

Date:  09/03/10 - 09/04/10

Time: 9pm to 1am

Investigators Present: Jason, Lonnie, Matt, Corey and guest investigator John

Weather Conditions: 69 Degrees Fahrenheit, mostly cloudy, relative humidity 85%

Equipment: digital cameras, digital voice recorders, Sony night shot camcorders, digital thermometer, and emf detectors, including a K-2.

History: The Hackettstown Historical Society is dedicated to the preservation of the historic heritage of Hackettstown and the surrounding areas. It's purpose is to collect, catalog, display and preserve artifacts, mementos, and memorabilia for present and future generations.
The building was originally built in 1915 for the Theodore G. Plate family. See more via the link

Claims of activity: Hearing footsteps, voices and loud bangs. People have also claimed to see people within the home walking around when know one is in the building.

The Investigation: The team arrived at 9:00 PM.  We met with our guest investigator. He allowed us into the building and showed us the areas in which people have experienced paranormal activity. We then set up our equipment and began our investigation. We placed one video camera on the second floor looking down a short hallway where people have reported hearing footsteps. We placed a second video camera in a bedroom at the rear of the house.  There are more reports of footsteps in this area. In addition to these cameras, we placed two digital voice recorders on the second floor. Throughout the investigation, we took EMF readings as well as temperature readings. The temperature inside the house maintained an average of 82 Degrees Fahrenheit. Throughout the home we noticed fluctuating EMF readings ranging from .2 to 6.0 . The higher readings were attributed old electrical wiring.
We also conducted EVP sessions in various locations of the house including the attic, back bedroom and front center room. The collected data is being reviewed. Upon completion of the review process, any potential evidence will be posted on the website.

Shippen Manor Oxford,NJ

We Arrived at Approximately 8:30 PM. We met with Mr. Andy Drysdale. He Gave us a tour of the manor including a brief history of the property and any unusual events experienced by him, or other employees. After the tour, we set up one video camera in the basement, and one video camera on the first floor. We then proceeded with the investigation which included base temperature readings in each room. While Continuously monitoring temperature readings, we attempted to capture EVPs in each room. We concluded the investigation at approximately 12:00 am.
                                                        Upon review of the audio and video evidence, we discovered a voice on the basement video camera that appears to be saying "Help me." This is not, in our opinion, considered to be intelligent energy, or something that can manifest itself at will. We do, however, consider the possibility that this is residual energy, or something that occasionally replays an instance in time, almost like a recording.
Members Present: Jason, Corey, Lonnie, Anthony.
Weather: Warm, typical summer night, clear.
Recorded Temperatures: 68 degrees.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Jersey Paranormal Investigation Team

New Jersey Paranormal Investigation Team (NJ P.I.T.) was founded in the summer of 2008 by three friends with varied backgrounds who share a common interest in the paranormal. Each member brings their own special talents to the team. Together, we share common goals; to identify and document the causes of paranormal activity and to explain findings in a clear, concise manner that brings their clients peace of mind.
Since its inception, NJ P.I.T. has grown to six members. To date, the group has completed a total of eleven investigations. Locations include historical locations, private residences and public buildings.
NJ P.I.T. approaches each investigation scientifically. We do our best to document our findings based on evidence collected, historic research, and information provided by the clients.
We approach all cases with the utmost level of professionalism, as well as the highest level of respect for your residence or business, personal assets, and privacy. NJ P.I.T. always operates under total discretion and keeps all cases strictly confidential unless permission is otherwise granted.